Sprint / DuBois WiMAX Testing

The telehub model was considered very successful, and replicable. The DLC began to receive requests for services and expansion from other parts of the urban core. With financial resources provided through a grant from the Department of Education and corporations such as General Electric, the capability to accommodate these requests was accomplished by erecting a 190 ft. tower to transmit over longer distances.

The second phase of the telehub Creating Giant Steps...Together development was completed in October of 2002, and the network has grown to include computer technology labs in thirteen area satellite sites with over 145 access points. The registered user base experienced a 21.6% increase in the eight month period ending in May of 2003. The base has continued to grow and currently reached over 2,600 users. Two additional sites are under development during the summer of 2003.

There were a substantial number of additional requests from other churches and centers in the community, and funding to develop the infrastructure needed for additional expansion was sought on an ongoing basis. Word of this success has also reached other cities, generating additional interest. In 2003, the DLC established a network link to Detroit, Michigan, demonstrating that the Telehub can be replicated and grow to accommodate satellites locally and throughout the country.

Challenges associated with implementing infrastructure to support line of sight requirements was identified. Sprint through our partnership, offered to solve this challenge by utilizing Telehub as their test bed for WiMAX solutions testing in November, 2004. Red Line Communication and Dragon Wave both submitted proposals to connect sites on our waiting list. Agreement was constructed that Sprint would supply the tower space and the equipment to connect sites on our waiting list. Once testing was concluded the infrastructure would become property of the Telehub. Caveat was the Telehub had to provide $100K as earnest money on equipment being purchased.