Graphic Design and Web Development


This class will introduce basic graphic design and web development skills to teens between the ages of: 14-18. This will include an overview of project management, graphic design, marketing, and web development. The graphic design portion will include commercial products (Adobe Photoshop, etc.) and freeware (Gimp). The project management component will discuss the thought process behind creating a graphical image that will market a product. Web development will employ the use of commercial products (Adobe Dreamweaver) and freeware alternatives ( Lastly, the marketing aspect will provide an overview of basic marketing concepts (branding, prescence, target demographic, etc.)

This class would be once a week involving an instructional session on Saturday ( 1 hour) and optional lab time following the lecture ( 1 hour). Students will also be encouraged to work independently as this will mirror an actual work environment. The course will span a regular school semester culminating in a final project that could be published or hosted on the learning centers site.

Going forward students who are consistent and demonstrate mastery of the skills being taught could possibly administer the learning center site on an intern basis to gain practical skill for future employment. Students who complete the introductory courses would be eligible for a more advanced class that would be fed by tier one students or those demonstrating proficiency in the prerequisite skillsets.