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Back to School, Time for Cyber Security Lessons for Kids

As kids head back into the classroom, parents should take this opportunity to have a conversation about "cybersafety" and what everyone can do to protect themselves from the threats that are lurking about online. After all, cyberspace can be just as dangerous as the real world.

Need for Kid Cyber Security Lessons

Google Literacy

Seeking Teen Servant Leaders (ages 15-20) interested in educating and empowering people through technology. Must demonstrate leadership, service, technical aptitude, and a commitment to community involvement.

Teens will gain training and mentorship, working directly with Community Leaders and Google Fiber Technicians who will prepare them to serve the Greater KC Community as Teen Tech Trainers in partnership with:
DLC, Google, and College Bound.

Welcome to Our New Facility

4510 Linwood Blvd
Kansas City, MO. 64128

Welcome to the DuBois Learning Center an organization that has been offering free tutorial services to local residents for the last 40 years in the areas of Math, Reading, and Science. We believe by using a variety of strategies and assessments your child can become one of our success stories. We will help your child build skills that lead to improvements inside and outside the classroom. DLC students gain a sense of confidence that will help them become eager, independent self-learners.

Power of 40 Donation

Power of 40


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